Welcome to Harmonie L’ Union Fraternelle or L’UF for short!

You probably found us because you play a band instrument and want to join a wind band to make wonderful music together.You have come to the right place! Here’s the information that you need to start you off.

What we are: A symphonic wind band comprising woodwinds, brass, percussion, and the occasional double bass

Where we practice: ’t Patronaat, Blaarthemseweg 18, 5502 JV, Veldhoven.

When we practice: The symphonic wind band practices every Thursday from 20.00-22.15 hours


Now that you have the basic information, here’s more information that you would find useful. L’UF currently has about 140 members and draws musicians mostly from Veldhoven and the Eindhoven region. It is the oldest established wind band in Veldhoven with a history dating back to 1871. In the Netherlands, amateur wind bands are categorised into divisions. L’UF plays at 1st division, the highest division. However, because we believe that music making is for everyone, at whatever musical level you are, we have various other bands under our umbrella to plug you in.


Starter’s Band (practice time: Thursdays,19.00-19.30) is for musicians who have just started to learn to play and it provides them the opportunity already at an early stage to enjoy making music in a group setting.

Beginner’s Band (practice time: Thursdays, 18.45-19.45) is for musicians with about 1 year playing experience.

Learner’s Band (practice time: Thursdays, 18.45-19.45) is for musicians with about 3 years of playing experience.

Symphonic Wind Band (practice time: Thursdays, 20.00-22.15) is for musicians who have attained at least a diploma B or its equivalent playing level. This would correspond to at least 4-5 years of past playing experience.

Percussion Band (practice time: Wednesdays, 20.30-22.15) is for percussionists with about 4-5 years of playing experience.

Drum Kids (practice time: Wednesday afternoons) is mainly for children in their first few years of percussion lessons and who have the ability to read basic percussion music.

Feel free to contact us at  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.  if you want to pop in at any one of our rehearsals to check us out and be immediately immersed in the Brabants gezellig village culture!

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